As the ABF National Teaching Coordinator, I conduct Teacher Training Programs around Australia for any person interested in teaching bridge, or even running Help with Play classes. These are sponsored by the ABF, and are free for the participants. 
To gain accreditation, teachers must complete the Teacher Training Program and accrue a total of 65 points during a two-year period. 

Accreditation Points 

Points may be accrued in any of the following ways:

Teacher Training Program (15 points)

Continuing Professional Development Workshops (10 points)

  • Modern Bidding Methods
  • Defence
  • Two over One Game Force
  • Declarer Play  

Online Exams (5 points)

  • Teacher Training Program
  • Modern Bidding Methods

Beginner Course - Introduction to Bridge (5 points per course) 

  • Provide an outline of the course structure, materials used and length of the program. 
  • Evaluation sheets sought from all participants.

Supervised Play Sessions (5 points)

  • Provide curriculum
  • Outline materials used
  • Evaluation sheets sought from all participants.

Intermediate and Advanced workshops (5 points)

  • Modern Competitive Bidding - using ABF materials supplied at Continuing Professional Development workshop.
  • Evaluation sheets sought from all participants
  • Other topics - to be agreed with ABF National Teaching Coordinator (course outline and materials) prior to introduction.

Innovations in teaching (5 points)

  • Course content and materials used to be provided as ABF National Teaching Coordinator to decide if warrants allocation of points
  • Evaluation sheets sought from all participants 

Please note that this list is not exhaustive and teachers can submit claims for activities they have conducted which they feel contribute to the goals of the program. The decision to approve or decline allocation of points rests solely with the ABF National Teaching Coordinator.

Teachers should submit their claims and evaluation sheets to alanamowb@hotmail.com.



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