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Looking to improve your play? World-renowned bridge teacher Audrey Grant's interactive column brings you the world's best bridge information each day. Perfect for improving players, the interactive daily column lets you bid, play, and defend hands; complete a quiz and listen to what the experts have to say.      

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Introducing Audrey Grant's Better Bridge

Audrey Grant's Better Bridge  was founded by Audrey Grant and David Lindop in 1992. They have the compatible skills to produce quality bridge material: David is an expert player; Audrey has an extensive background in education. From the beginning, their material was embraced by bridge teachers and students world-wide. 

Their first books, The Joy of Bridge and Bridge Maxims, were produced in co-operation with Eric Rodwell, many-time World Champion and one of the finest theorists in the game. They created the official texts for the American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) and developed Teachers' Manuals and Color-Coded Cards to accompany the texts. Audrey created the TAP (Teacher Accreditation Program) to illustrate her innovative teaching techniques. Tens of thousands of teachers have taken the course and many continue to use the information and material to bring bridge to communities and schools throughout North America. In recent years, the programs have enjoyed international success.