Play Bridge 1

The updated edition of Play Bridge 1: A Workbook for the Absolute Beginner is the perfect guide to introduce new bridge players to the fundamentals of the game.

It contains the essentials for playing a basic game of bridge and teaches the most modern approach to bidding and play. This short, straightforward and clearly set out book will not overload the new player with too much information. The lessons are structured to have students playing hands right from the start, with each chapter featuring exercises and lesson hands to play.

The lessons in this book can be reinforced by playing hands and watching lesson videos online through the Joan Butts’ Online School of Bridge. 



Please note that when you play the hands on the computer you sit South and partner is North. The hands from the book have been rotated to make either you, as South, or your partner, as North, the declarer.

Some cards have been swapped in hands 1.4 , 2.4, and 4.1 to make the hands play better on the computer.


You may also be interested in completing these lessons, which cover the same material and offer similar hands as the ones in the book.