Competitive Bidding Teacher Resource Pack

$250.00 AUD


The Teach Bridge with Joan Butts Teacher Resource Packs are designed to help bridge teachers transfer the lessons and hands from Joan Butts’ Online School of Bridge into your bridge club. Each pack includes all the lesson plans, print-outs, deal records and other materials you will need to conduct a five-lesson bridge course.
The suggested lessons included in the Competitive Bidding pack are:

  • Lesson One: Overcalls & Responses 

  • Lesson Two: Two-Suited Overcalls

  • Lesson Three: Overcalls over their 1NT

  • Lesson Four: Takeout Doubles

  • Lesson Five: Responding to a Takeout Double

These materials can be reprinted or reused by a licensed club or teacher as many times as you wish.

Each Teacher Resource Pack includes:

  • Five Bridge Lessons each featuring:

    • Lesson Plans

    • Student Notes

    • Deal Records X 4

    • Hands Analysis X 4

    • Video Links

    • Lesson Quiz and Answers

  • Introduction Booklet for the Teacher

  • Student Certificate Template

  • Student Feedback Forms 

Competitive Bidding Teacher Resource Pack

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As these lessons are for the classroom, individuals who wish to play the lessons hands online will require a separate Gold Membership to the Online School of Bridge. Playing online is a great reinforcement for the lessons in the classroom.