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Two Bridge Workshops: Geelong

  • Geelong Bridge Club 148 Portarlington Road Newcomb, VIC, 3219 Australia (map)

Get ready for two workshops from Australia's premier bridge teacher Joan Butts. Covering Declarer Play: Entries and Cue Bidding to Slam. Both workshops will offer multi-level material suitable for all improving players. 


When declarer makes their plan, the last consideration must be to decide in which order they will take their tricks. There’s no point counting winners if you can’t reach them.
This workshop will give you an easy plan to make sure you reach those winners. It is multi-level material suitable for all improving players. The new book Entries will be available for purchase for $15.


When you’re thinking of going to slam, sometimes knowing which controls partner holds rather than how many (Blackwood) is useful. Here’s where cue bidding takes over. This workshop will explain how to use cuebids to get the most information before embarking on slam. It’s not difficult at all!

$15 per workshop
The new Entries book is also available for purchase for $15.

Dot Read via or 0427 626 370