2o1H0021 2/1 1NT

Two Over One: The 1NT Response H0021
The expanded no trump response

[playhand]A95.T3.AT87.9876 Q86.AQJ975.KQJ.4 KJ7.2.9632.QJT53 T432.K864.54.AK2,1[/playhand]
[auctioncomments]|1||2||3| Shows 6-12 high card points and denies four spades.|4||5||6||7| Partner showed 16-18 high card points with six hearts, so raise to game.[/auctioncomments] 
[cardplay]c13 c04 c12 c06.c14 h05 c03 c07.h04 h14 h02 h03.h13 h07 c05 h10.c02 h09 c10 c08.h06 h12 s07 s05.h08 h11 d02 c09.d05 d13 d03 d07.d04 d12 d06 d08.s02 d11 d09 d14[/cardplay]
[cardplaycomments]|1|Plan to draw trumps and discard a loser on the fourth diamond. A trump loser is ok, but not two spade losers as well.|2|Ruff the second club.|3|Play the !hA.|4|Play a heart to the !hT.|5|Ruff the club return.|6|Play the !hQ pitching the !s5.|7|Draw the last trump with the !hJ (pitching the !c9).|8|Play the !dK.|9|Play the !dQ.|10|Overtake the !dJ with the !dA; and use the !dT to pitch a small spade.[/cardplaycomments]