Two Over One: The 1NT Response H0021
The expanded no trump response

[playhand]AJ652.42.KJ7.A62 97.KT8.A98652.Q8 T43.AQJ73.3.KT75 KQ8.965.QT4.J943,2[/playhand]
[auctioncomments]|1||2|Unbalanced, five  spades, opening hand.|3||4||5||6|Three or more clubs, not six spades.  Partner's 1NT showed 6-12 HCP without three spades.|7||8||9||10|Partner has 6-10 HCP and six (or sometimes five) diamonds.[/auctioncomments]
[cardplay]s12 s07 s03 s02.h06 h08 h11 h02.s08 s09 s04 s14.s13 d02 s10 s05.d04 d14 d03 d07.d10 d05 h03 d13.d12 c08 c05 s11.h09 h13 h14 h04 [/cardplay]
[cardplaycomments]|1|Duck the opening spade lead.|2|Try the !h8.|3|Win !sA.|4|Ruff the !s5 with the !d2 (note that spades were 3-3 and your last two are winners).|5|Play !dA.|6|Play a diamond to the !dK.|7|Play !sJ pitching the !c8.|8|Try the !hK.|9|Ruff the heart return and the rest of the tricks should be yours.[/cardplaycomments]