OSOB0051 Preempts Weak 2's

Online School of Bridge: Lesson 005 - Video Hand
Preempts (Weak two)

[playhand]J872.QJT73.763.7 KQ9643.9.84.JT85 A.A854.AT52.A942 T5.K62.KQJ9.KQ63,1[/playhand]
[auctioncomments]|1||2||3|Partner has a weak two-bid, six spades and 6-9 points. You have a good fit, and a singleton. Put the pressure on the opponents.|4||5||6||7|Nothing more to say.[/auctioncomments]
[cardplay] [/cardplay]
[cardplaycomments]|1|You have five top losers, which are hard to avoid unless the defenders are careless.[/cardplaycomments]