Online School of Bridge: Lesson 027 - Play Hand 3
Opener's Rebid (Part 2)

[playhand]QJ3.A852.AT6.AKJ AK52.J4.942.T642 64.K763.KJ853.95 T987.QT9.Q7.Q873,3[/playhand]
[auctioncomments]|1| You hold a balanced hand too strong to open 1NT. |2||3||4||5| Rebid 2NT to show 18-19 points. |6||7||8||9| Nothing more to say.[/auctioncomments]
[cardplaycomments]|1| You have eight top tricks after the spade lead and can promote a ninth in clubs. Play ♣A, ♣K and another club, and the opponents will win the ♣Q. Now the ♣10 is a winner, and you have a spade entry.[/cardplaycomments]