Online School of Bridge: Lesson 033 - Play Hand 2
2/1 Introduction

[playhand]AQ843.KJ84.2.KQ3 K5.65.AQJT93.A72 JT92.QT92.K86.T4 76.A73.754.J9865,2[/playhand]
[auctioncomments]|1||2| Unbalanced, five spades, opening hand. |3||4||5||6|Show your second suit. Partner's 2!d was game forcing (Two over One).|7||8||9||10| Shows a club stopper and no interest in partner's good diamonds.[/auctioncomments]
[cardplay]c06 c02 c10 c13.[/cardplay]
[cardplaycomments]|1| Our plan is to set up the diamond suit. [/cardplaycomments]