Online School of Bridge: Lesson 043 - Play Hand 2
Major Suit Transfers

[playhand]AK83.84.QT95.AQ4 54.A9763.J72.K76 QT6.QJT2.K863.82 J972.K5.A4.JT953,2[/playhand]
[auctioncomments]|1||2|Balanced hand with 15 high card points. |3||4||5||6| Partner shows at least five hearts. |7||8||9||10|Partner has five hearts and an invitational hand, but pass because we have a  minimum of 15 points. [/auctioncomments]
[cardplaycomments]|1|Declarer has six tricks; two spades, one heart and three clubs. Play on the diamond suit to promote two more.[/cardplaycomments]