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For more information and to see what a lesson looks like, complete the Free Example Lesson.


My Online School of Bridge is a place to learn, practise and develop new skills to use at the bridge table. This course has been specially designed to help you improve, and calls on my many years of experience as a bridge teacher.

As a Gold Member you'll be able to complete a new bridge lesson each week, as well as access a full library of past lessons, and play unlimited hands to put your new skills to the test. 

Each Thursday morning, the weekly lesson will be published. You'll be able to watch the videos, read the tips, play the specially designed lesson hands, find additional resources and complete a quiz to test your knowledge. If you have any questions, leave a comment for me at the bottom of the page.  

You can play unlimited random hands too. Sometimes you might feel like playing a hand just for fun. You could play hundreds each day if you felt like it! Each month we also publish a Challenge Hand for you to test out what you have learned. 

For complete novices, there are a series of beginner lessons available to help you cover the basics of learning to play bridge.


Joan Butts 


With four to five new lessons being added each month, a Gold Membership is great value. 
You can see what the lessons look like by checking out the free example lesson. 

Please note, you will need to have an account with Joan Butts Bridge to play the lesson hand.
You can create a free account, if you haven't already to play the example lesson hand.
You will be able to upgrade this account later to join the Online School of Bridge.



How much does it cost? 
Gold Membership costs $15 AUD per month including GST. You can cancel your membership at any time.

What's included in the weekly lessons?
Each lesson includes notes, explanation videos,  practise hands, often additional resources and useful links, and a voluntary quiz to test your knowledge.  
Complete our example lesson, What's My Hand Worth?

What's available in the library? 
As a gold member you will be able to access all of the past lessons, a beginners course, and additional resources and notes. The library will continue to grow over the months.