Introducing the ABF Summer School

I’m very excited to announce a brand new ABF initiative - the ABF Summer School. It's a free 10 week online training programme to help prepare novice players for the experience of the Summer Festival of Bridge in January.  

Kicking off in November, the Summer School will help novices develop a good foundation of bridge skills to make sure they are ready to participate in the Summer Festival. At the same time, a Teacher Program will give teachers tips for conducting lessons or help with play sessions.

Each lesson will be delivered via email and will contain notes, a video, practice hands to play, and an invitation to a Facebook discussion. Students who complete all 10 online exams will receive a graduation certificate. 

The course is free and can be completed by anyone, not just novices attending the Summer Festival. It will also give teachers lots of resources that can be used for lessons later on too.

This is the first time the ABF has undertaken a course like this. Please encourage your friends to sign up for Summer School so we can make it a success!