Congratulations to our newly accredited teachers

It's wonderful to be able to start this month's update by congratulating our four new teachers who gained their accreditation through the ABF Education Programme recently. 

Laurelle McDonnell (QLD), Matt Raj Mal (NSW), and Julia and Bruce Hendry (SA) will all receive a certificate of accreditation. They join a growing list of ABF Accredited Teachers across Australia, with Julia and Bruce  the first teachers to be accredited in South Australia.

In coming weeks, we will be featuring more profiles of the currently accredited teachers on the ABF website and on social media. I also encourage all teachers and bridge clubs to share their achievements and news as we grow the bridge community. 

Laurelle McDonnell is thrilled to be a newly accredited bridge teacher. It was an overheard conversation about bridge nine years ago that prompted her to sign up to beginners' classes with her husband. 

"We had three very good teachers who helped us understand the game and always showed much patience with all the inevitable questions that I had," Laurelle said. 

"When the opportunity presented itself to start a new lot of lessons, my friend June Cross and I introduced the Joan Butts Teaching method which has been a wonderful success. 

"I love playing Bridge because it is stimulating and challenging and I never stop learning.  

"When I am teaching the new players something, it is so satisfying when I hear them say that something has just sunk in and made sense to them." 

Participants at the Redlands Bridge Club

Participants at the Redlands Bridge Club

Earlier this month a group of teachers worked with me to unlock the secrets of teaching Defence. We were at Redlands Bridge Club, where Accredited teacher, Deirdre Giles had done a lot of great organisation to make the ABF day happen. 

I hope everyone enjoyed it. For me it was really good to hear of the success of people and clubs using the modern ideas that the ABF Programme recommends. Keep up the good work teachers!

Continuing Professional Development Day 2 - How to Teach Defence (10 points)

  • NSW: Maitland Bridge Club, Tuesday 5 July
  • VIC: Melbourne VBA, Tuesday 19 July
  • SA: Adelaide SABA, Sunday 11 September
  • NSW: Sydney Peninsula Bridge Club, Sunday 16 October

Continuing Professional Development Day 1 - Modern Competitive Bidding (10 points)

Teacher Training Programme (15 points)

To register for any of these sessions, email and include your name, contact details and the session you wish to attend.

Clubs and teachers looking for a way to show training videos during lessons are encouraged to purchase an ABF USB stick. The sticks contain all 20 ABF training videos and are a great alternative to streaming videos. They can also be added to a club library to be lent to members. The sticks are $35 each, to order email:

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Joan Butts
ABF National Teaching Coordinator