Congratulations Maitland

Ever since Maitland received an ABF grant three years ago, they haven’t looked back. What was once a small club now has the delightful problem of where to fit all their players!  Yes, that’s right, some sessions are so popular there’s not enough room in the existing club house!

From the word go, Maitland took a sensible approach to their growth, and the women who were at the helm (namely Wendy Rissler, Jenny Coyle, and Miriam Officer) planned a slow but steady campaign to introduce new players. They also ran the beginners lessons (and later the intermediate ones) themselves, following ABF guidelines and suggestions.
Once they gained confidence, the sky was the limit! I was able to run a Continuing Professional Development Day there in July, on Defence,  and I too had the same “problem” as the club has experienced… more people than expected were there!
A number of accredited teachers turned up, and their input was really valuable.  Apart from the girls from Maitland (Wendy Rissler and Jenny Coyle) there was Leslie Falla from Hawks Nest, Trish Thatcher from Port Stephens, Mat Raj Mal from Central Coast, and Anne Reilly from Toronto.