Coffs Harbour Classes

With their club house well positioned, light and airy,  high up and surrounded by trees, Coffs Harbour players have a lovely setting. It's really welcoming. Add to that the fresh flowers, yummy food, and players full of enthusiasm, and my job of discussing Balancing and Safety Plays on Sunday 7th was made easy.

There were lots of comments and questions, and I noticed, at the front, a group of "elderly" players readily offering answers, and catching on very quickly. When I was told they were all in their nineties, I really needed to capture this. The club members told me they have 14 members over 90, how about that! Here we are, after the workshops!   

I'll be doing another talk at the very popular Coffs Harbour Super Congress at Opal Cove Resort on Friday 12th. It's free.