Defence in Adelaide - Professional Development Day

Teachers from Adelaide, Kadina, Gawler, Glenelg, and the Barossa gathered for the ABF Continuing Professional Day in September, held at SABA, Unley, Adelaide.  The topic was Defence, and the day contained tips for how to present defensive courses to students, and also ideas for teachers’ own games.

Opening Leads occupied the morning, and there was discussion on such things as leading a trump, and whether to make an aggressive or a passive lead. We also looked at default leads, and when to deviate from these. Deciding first which suit to lead, and second, the correct card of that suit, gives students a plan to follow.

The delicate topic of Signalling occupied the afternoon. Using attitude as the primary, bread and butter method of signaling was advocated, with certain times for count and suit preference.  

Here's the group after their day.