Melbourne Bridge Holiday 2017

We all gathered at the Langham for the 2017 Melbourne bridge holiday… Mardi & Anne had driven across from Mt Gambier, SA, Walter & Hilary were over from Rockingham, WA, and a number of Brisbane regulars came down to enjoy that special Langham atmosphere!  How good it was to be back!

The elegant surroundings were matched only by the wonderful service we received. Gorgeous floral arrangements were everywhere, complimenting the paintings and décor. The food was terrific, from the breakfasts to the dinners.

The day group from Melbourne who joined in played in various clubs in the city. Some knew each other, some didn’t, but it didn’t really matter because we were all there to make the most of our three days. And they certainly know each other now!

The morning lessons covered bidding (three lessons) play (two) and defence (one), and I covered some new topics, ie Five Steps to Overcome Entry Problems (based on a new book by Audrey Grant), and Support Doubles and Redoubles. Also revisited some important areas of bidding, 2/1 Game Force, which I noticed more people were keen to play this time. Way to go!

The results of the games are up on my website, and masterpoints will be given for the place getters. Some “stars” were Jacqui Fardoulys & Yolanda Coroneo, John Burt & Janice Little, and Ronnie Kennedy and Catherine Armstrong.  They placed consistently. Congrats to them, and also to everyone who tried! We can’t all win. 

Our rather glamorous dinner on Saturday night was held in a private room, and we sat around an ornate wood dining table telling various stories and getting to know each other better! Because it was the Moomba Festival in Melbourne we also had fireworks to watch, which every night exploded into the sky above the Yarra.

Too soon it was time to go, but a number of people are planning to meet up for the next bridge holiday in Byron Bay, and then Sydney and finally Fiji!