Bridge Workshops at Wagga Wagga

When I landed at Wagga Wagga airport on Saturday, April 29, and spotted a man wearing a cool T-shirt with suit symbols all over the front, I got it… here was my pick up! (Didn’t need to be too smart to figure that out!) Sure enough, it was Peter Cross, who’d driven from Tumut to come to the workshops, and he was there to meet me.  

Fifty people were waiting at the club, including the President Baj Krishan and Valerie Cook, who’d organised my visit. The club’s a great place, all the better for the tender loving care and improvements by various members, who turned an old scout hall into a comfortable bridge club with all the facilities you’d ever need, including tempting and divine food made by the excellent member/cooks.

There has been such an effort to keep the history of the club alive too, with the Wagga Bridge Club story framed, and on the wall, with recognition of the directors and presidents over the years. There are also wonderful yearbooks with many photographic memories of events and parties and committee and non-committee members. Webmaster and teacher John Messing, along with his wife Carol, have done all this. It’s certainly impressive.

People from a variety of local clubs came along, including ABF Accredited Teacher Jennifer Kozman who had brought some of her newer players from Cootamundra.

The first workshop covered declarer play techniques, and the next, modern bidding. Although a number of players had not yet adopted these ideas, they played the hands with gusto. I imagine there will be some healthy bidding discussion over the next few weeks!

The final topic, defensive signals, was managed well by most players, and it was refreshing to notice that unnecessarily complicated methods have not invaded Wagga.

After the three workshops, I enjoyed a superb Indian dinner as a guest of the president Bal Krishan and had a chance to meet and play a few hands with, Wagga’s Australian rep in the Youth team this year, Charles McMahon, a charming young man.

Thanks to everyone who came along to the workshops, and please email me on if you have any questions.

All the hands from the first session are available here with videos to match. You can find them in the Learn Bridge section of this website.