April 2018 Challenge Hand

This month's hand is based on a hand from my online game. You open 1♣, and your left hand opponent makes a Michaels Cue Bid showing both majors. Partner's double shows points and interest in doubling one of the opponent's suits for penalty. Now your right hand opponent bids 4♠. What to do now?

Your side definitely has a good fit in one or even two suits. Do you want to bid, double or pass?  

You can even try replaying the hand from the West hand!

After you've played the hand - you'll need an account with joanbuttsbridge.com to play online - check out the review video and leave a comment on the Challenge Hand post. I'd love to hear your thoughts about this hand.

Did you bid, double or pass? Check out the review video for suggestions on the bidding and play. 

I hope you enjoy the hand.