June 2018 Challenge Hand

What did you open on this month's Challenge Hand? 1NT or 1♥? One of these choices makes the bidding a lot easier than the other!  I hope you tried the more modern approach, 1NT, because then partner can easily transfer to spades, and jump to the spade game. And you, the strong hand, will be declarer too, another bonus. 

Where are your ten tricks? Count the losers first in your hand, and then look across to dummy to see how their cards might help. There are two lines of play to consider for your ten tricks, but one is guaranteed to succeed. Which is that? The play topic of counting losers has been a recent lesson on the Online School of Bridge too. 

After you've played the hand - you'll need an account with joanbuttsbridge.com to play online - check out the review video and leave a comment on the Challenge Hand post. I'd love to hear your thoughts about this hand.

Did you make ten tricks? Check out the review video for suggestions on the bidding and play. 

I hope you enjoyed the hand.