Gold Coast International Invitational Pairs (with Bonus Hand)

What a wonderful night this was!  The idea was to welcome visiting players to our shores on the eve of the 2018 Commonwealth Bridge Games, for the locals to meet some stars, and for visiting players to enjoy some Aussie hospitality.

Festooned with flags, the Gold Coast Bridge Club has never looked better. The room was full to capacity with players from all over the world. We played twenty-four boards (cross imp scoring), and then enjoyed the all–Australian spread! The evening was the brainchild of Phillip Roberts (President) and his committee and the menu was conceived and produced by Di Hodges with Cheryl Hensel, Melanie Mills, and Lesley Sutherland

Gold Coast Congress Food Coordinators.jpeg

Here’s the menu, which featured all Australian produce and favourites

  • Prawns
  • Lamb and Rosemary chipolata sausages
  • Kangaroo/beef Sliders
  • Corn meat and home-made peach chutney on damper
  • Bacon and egg mini-quiches
  • Aussie Sausage Rolls
  • Australian cheeses with fruit & nuts
  • Avocado Dip with crudites
  • Wattle Seed and Spinach Damper Dip
  • Vegemite and cheese damper
  • Mini Meatballs with dipping sauces
  • Aussie pavlova with tropical fruit

Congrats to the Gold Coast Bridge Club committee for putting this wonderful night together.

Gold Coast Congress.jpeg
Joan and.jpeg

Here’s a hand from the night, from Ron Klinger.  

Board 13
Dealer: North
Vul: All

♠️ K 9 8 7 5 4
♥️ K 3
♦️ Q 6 4
♣️ A 9



4 ♥️





What would you lead as South holding the hand above? 

Playing Teams
Dealer: East
Vul: All


♠️ Q 10 3
♥️ 8 6 5 4
♦️ 9
♣️ K Q 10 5 2

♠️ J 6
♥️ A 7
♦️ K J 10 8 5 3
♣️ J 8 6


♠️ K 9 8 7 5 4
♥️ K 3
♦️Q 6 4
♣️ A 9


♠️ A 2
♥️ Q J 10 9 3
♦️ A 7 2
♣️ 7 4 3

Against 4♥️, South has no attractive lead. A heart is out the question (although it works fine here) and a spade is very risky. A diamond is the least dangerous. Starting with ♣️A and ♣️9 has potential, but unless dummy has the ♥️A, you have a heart trick without the need for a ruff.

A low spade lead turns out to be fatal. East wins with dummy’s ♠️Q and plays ♦️A, diamond ruff, ♠️A, diamond ruff and a heart. With the ♣️A onside doubleton, coming to ten tricks, +620.

On a diamond lead or ♣️A and ♣️9, 4♥️ can be defeated as long as North plays a spade when in with the ♥️A. There were eleven pairs in 4♥️, making five times, including once doubled. Making 4♥️ undoubled was worth 9.24 Imps, Making it doubled gave East-West 11.36 Imps. Taking 4♥️ one down = 5.3 Imps to East-West.