Meet Ellie Spiro

Here's to the the strongest person I know - Ellie Spiro.
When doctors told her (in 2017, her 90th year) that she may not live to play another bridge hand, Ellie, with determination in spades (!), set about defying medical predictions.  And sure enough, here she is, at this year's Gold Coast Congress in February!

It was quite overwhelming to be with her at this tournament, to watch people of all ages coming up to show how excited they were to see her again. And as always, Ellie was a picture of absolute style!  
Ellie has helped people in all areas of her life, the bridge table being only one of them. She is an excellent player (yes, still), and has represented Queensland many times. She even won an Australian championship.

Ellie has attended  about 50 Gold Coast Congresses, missing only last year's, when she couldn't escape from hospital. 

I will never forget my times with Ellie, and they are many. She always looks on the bright side, whether it's a discussion of a bridge hand, or a  personal crisis. May you play many more hands Ellie!