The tab trick

This tip won't improve your bridge game, but it will help you navigate lessons on the Online School of Bridge better!

Whenever you open a lesson hand in the Online School of Bridge it opens up in a new tab in your browser. 

To navigate between the lesson hands and the lesson you are working on, all you need to do is to close the hand tab and the previous lesson will be there. 

On an iPad you close a tab by clicking on the little round icon with the cross on the left-hand side of the tab. You can also switch back and forth between the tabs by just clicking on the top of the tab you want. 


The review videos will also open in a new tab to make it easy to switch between the lesson, the video and the hand. 

Bonus iPad Tab Tips: 

  • If you have a lot of tabs open they won’t show all of the tab names as in the picture above. 
  • If you wish to open a new tab, you can click on the + icon. 
  • If you wish to see all of the tabs you have open you can click on the pages icon (the two overlapping rectangles icon in the top right-hand corner) and they will all be displayed in a grid for you.