February 2019 Challenge Hand

Each month, I create a challenge hand to play, as well as a video to walk you through the recommended way to bid and play the hand.

This month’s hand is from young Australian champion, Matt Smith. Considering the order of play is probably the most important part of a declarer’s plan. On this hand, it matters a lot which move you make first. Have a good think about it, play the hand, and then watch my review video.

Watch the hand review video


Learn from the expert

In a Challenge Hand first, Matt Smith, an up-and-coming young star of Aussie bridge, and just named Youth Player of the Year, will be available to answer your bridge questions live on my Facebook Page on Saturday, February 2. 

To take part, visit my Facebook Page between 

1pm - 3pm AEDT Sydney/Melbourne time
(or 12pm - 2pm for AEST/Queensland)