Another fabulous holiday in Sydney

More than forty players from all over joined me for the Langham bridge holiday in September. Some were very experienced, and others beginners…it really didn’t matter because it was a holiday and everyone was there to enjoy and learn.

The Langham staff were exceptional, and I was lucky to see the players back to the afternoon games at all, after the wonderful lunches we enjoyed at Kitchens on Kent, the Langham’s newest dining experience. Everyone raved about that!

The gorgeous new bar was open too. Called the Observatory Bar, it was about as comfortable and elegant as one could imagine. I think there was a lot of bridge discussed there… and many other things I hope!

We worked hard in the lessons I had prepared to present a new look at some old bidding ideas and also a variety of declarer play situations, the latter being so vital for success. Understanding WHY you’re doing something helps you with the logic of the game, and the whole thing seems to make more sense.

It was wonderful for me to meet so many new players, many of whom had just come along by themselves. All lessons are on my Online School of Bridge, and the lessons can be reinforced by watching the videos and playing there. There’s a seven-day free trial too.

Thanks to my wonderful directors too (Jess & Shane and Patsy), and to you all for joining me and making the holiday memorable.

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