What a wonderful weekend in Orange

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Sixty keen bridge players gathered in Orange for a weekend of bridge and fun, at my Country Bridge Festival on May 10 – 12. The Fall gave the trees the most glorious range of colours, and…winter had arrived!

The bridge players hailed from 21 clubs including:

  • NSW: Orange, Parkes, Condoblin, Cootamundra, Tumut, Broken Hill, Newcastle, Maitland, Brisbane Water, Illawarra, Blue Mountains, Thornley, Peninsula

  • ACT: Canberra, Deakin, Grand Slam

  • QLD: Brisbane, Dalby

  • VIC: Ballarat, Gippsland, Melbourne

On the first night we met up at the famous old Canobolas Hotel for a casual dinner and drinks, and on the Saturday we chose the Kate Jones at 119, and the dinner was superb. After bridge on the Sunday we had drinks and cheese, with local wines.

I was persuaded to sing my bridge song at the dinner, and some people asked for the words. You're welcome to use them any time. It's called "The Partner's Song" and sung to the tune of “It Had to be You”
”It had to be you..it had to be you…
I wandered around, and finally found
A bridge partner who…
Who knew what to do…
With a weak two
And just how to guess
The way to finesse 
By using the clues…
Some partners I’ve seen
Can really be mean
They can’t take the joke
When I revoke
They just start to scream...
But nobody else…
Kept a straight face
Everytime I trumped…
My partner’s Ace 
It had to be you…wonderful you…
It had to be YOU"

There were 15 tables for the lessons and games, and a wide range of bridge experiences. It was great to see the mother-daughter combination of Jennifer McAinsh & Rebecca Knight. Rebecca is an ABF Accredited Bridge Teacher from Dalby. The weekend was her Mother’s Day present for Jennifer! Sue O’Connor from Canberra had a lively group of her friends who came and made it a fun weekend.

I also had a number of people tell me they came along because they are playing on my Online School- it was fun for some to meet in real life. Thanks for your support Gold members, in what has become my most important venture. Building a curriculum of bridge lessons has been a passion of mine for many years, and to see it reaching fruition, and online, is very satisfying.  

Bridge Game Results

Congratulations to all of the people who did well in the games. Also congrats to the people who DIDN’T do well too! We can’t all win.
Thanks to David Reddel a local director, did a great job across the weekend!

Revise the Lessons Online

20190510 Orange 00022.jpg

During the lessons I could see people busily writing in their Orange holiday workbooks which contained the whole programme. Each lesson was related to one on my Online School Of Bridge, so for Gold members, here are the links:

I was so pleased to see how regularly the players used their workbooks, and how keen they all are to improve their game.

The weekend would not have been the success it was without the help and organisation of Orange club player Dorothy Woodside, who, ensured that the weekend ran like clockwork.  Dorothy and I had been working on the event for some time, and to see it come to fruition was a thrill. Thanks Dorothy! Also a big thank you to TBIB (Tony Bemrose Insurance Brokers, aka The Bridge Insurance Brokers) who sponsored the weekend, and are now in partnership with me to promote bridge and offer their services to those who are looking for reliable travel (and other) insurance.