How absolutely marvellous!


I simply had to share this image that I received recently. It shows Brisbane’s Jenny Douglas in London teaching her grandsons to play bridge. Believe it or not, I have something in common with these boys. Jenny is the reason I learned to play bridge!

The boy’s mother, Charlotte McMillan, sent me a few photos of this lesson via Storychest - you can see all of the images here. Their faces are the very picture of concentration!

Charlotte is the creator of Storychest, a digital journal capturing our precious moments in life and enabling us to privately share them with family and friends. Unlike some social media channels, Storychest is a safe and private place for you to capture your personal moments in an authentic way. If you want to share your stories, it is easy for you to share them as narrowly or widely as you like, but only within your network.  The stories you save to Storychest will not be able to be found or followed by anyone you have not designated.

It’s a great app for capturing, storing and sharing moments - like the time these three boys discovered the joys of bridge.