August 2019 Challenge Hand


When partner leaps to 6NT in this month’s Challenge Hand, play your other suit winners before touching hearts. You’ll gain clues about left hand opponent’s distribution, and where to find that twelfth trick! 

After playing this hand, make sure you watch my review video. Then leave a comment to tell me how you fared or what you thought of the hand. I love hearing your thoughts, so don’t be shy! Thanks for another great hand, Matt Smith, who is currently representing Australia in World Youth bridge championships in Croatia and Sweden. Good luck, young Australia!

You will need an account with Joan Butts Bridge to play this hand. If you don’t already have an account, you can sign up at 

Hand Review

Hand Explanation

How to Play: Take all your side suit winners, which will give you a count on your left hand opponent’s hand. If you’re watching carefully they will show up with four clubs, two diamonds, two spades, and therefore five hearts.

With three cards to go, that player is known to hold hearts, nothing else. A heart to the ♥️9 forces left hand opponent to return a heart into our ♥️AQ.

Our right hand opponent will sometimes play the ♥️10, but this doesn't change the hand, and you would then cover with the ♥️Q. Left hand opponent is still endplayed into leading away from the ♥️K into South’s ♥️A9.