October 2019 Challenge Hand


How does the high level preempt make you feel? Do you want to double or bid?
If you choose to bid, now you need to make the contract…and as expected there’s not a good trump break.

Matt Smith is back from his bridge-playing travels around the world, and gave us this hand, from one he played recently.

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Hand Review

Hand Explanation

It’s very likely trumps will break badly here after the 4♥️ preemptive opening. So, be prepared…it’s awful to think that you can’t draw trumps first when you hold such great ones! BUT…

The idea of the hand is to not lose trump control to West (who has five trumps).
Discard a diamond at trick one, and ruff the heart trick two (or ruff at trick one and discard a diamond later.)

Now play the a club and lose to the ♣️A before touching trumps. (Hard to imagine, isn’t it?)
(Playing even one round of spades first leads to 4♠️ -1 (nine tricks).

The opponents will be trying a forcing defence by playing hearts when they can.