Playing in paradise: Our bridge holiday in Fiji

Our bridge holiday to the InterContinental Fiji in September made me feel that I was either  IN paradise for a week, or at least on the set of "South Pacific", or “Death In Paradise” (sans the death!)


There were nine players, Ann Roberts, Marg Lockyer, and Val Curry from Brisbane, Carol Borella from Deniliquin, Jo Prime from Geelong, Marg Cole and Mary Raftery from the Kiama area, and Ann Caulfield from Melbourne, so we played teams every day, after two lessons with me.    


The (almost) one-on-one set up gave me a good chance to answer extra questions and check what everyone was up to with their bridge.

Ann Roberts, leading player from the club in Brisbane, was a huge help, as she’d grown up in Fiji. She recounted interesting stories of times past (often to the accompaniment of Fijian drummers) when we met for a drink after our lessons and games. 


The Fijians are the gentlest and most friendly race one could imagine, always smiling, and the service we received was second to none. We were greeted with “Bula” everywhere we went.

So at the end of the week I think everyone would agree that we were feeling better as a result of our stay. 

So, "Vinaka Vakalevu" to you Fiji, and to Fay from Travel Phase for finding this perfect spot for us to play!