Modern Bidding at VBA

20171111 VBA CPD 1.JPG

It was a small but “select” group of teachers at the VBA on Saturday, November 11. Christopher Leach’s presence was most welcome, and the off the cuff involvement of the new VBA Manager, ex-teacher and bridge player, Andrew McCready Bryan was really stimulating too.

The topic for this Continuing Professional Development Day was Modern Competitive Bidding Methods. The group covered a whole lot of ground, but mainly the workshop focused on emphasising how important it is to develop your own judgements about hands, and that sometimes it pays to bid a whole lot with a little, and at other times, the very opposite! 


Of course the hard bit is to recognise when to do what! 

Some of the teachers had done this course before, but it was so good to hear that they’ve picked up new things the second time around. It was also great to see newly accredited teacher Stella Hammond, who showed me her smart new business card which advertises her ABF Teacher Accreditation status.

Accredited Teacher: Barbara Conquest

Moonee Valley Bridge Club, VIC 

I grew up in a card playing family. My grandmother used to have solo evenings at her house each week. She would bring treats the next day in the form of surplus chocolates and cakes from the night before, which was a bonus for my sisters and me when we came home from school.

My parents also had card evenings on occasions and witnessing the fun that they had I learnt to expect to be playing cards in some form when I retired and I am so glad that I did start to play bridge.

I first discovered bridge about twenty years ago and I decided to become a Bridge Teacher because I feel strongly about the need for people to be able to learn bridge and fill their spare time with such a stimulating activity.

Playing bridge (and continuing to learn bridge) is mentally stimulating and socially rewarding. The most enjoyable part of teaching bridge I find is to be able to provide the information and materials which allows the "bridge beginners" to become empowered and progress to a point where they continue to play bridge in the unsupervised sessions run at the club.