Lesson 5: Opener's Rebid

When making their next bid, opener classifies their hand in three categories according to their points.
• A minimum hand has 13–15 points
• A medium hand has 16–18 points
• A maximum hand has 19–20 points

Hand 1. You: ♠82 ♥AQJ1097♦AJ3♣104  Partner: ♠KJ105 ♥42 ♦Q852 ♣863

Your hand contains 12 high card points, plus 2 length points for the six-card heart suit – a total of 14. That’s a minimum hand (13 - 15), so make a minimum rebid. Partner holds 6 points, so the bidding would be: 1♥ p 1♠ p 2♥ p p p 

Hand 2. You: ♠82 ♥AQJ1097♦AKJ♣104  Partner: ♠KJ105 ♥42 ♦Q852 ♣863 

Your hand contains an extra king, making it worth 17 points. Now it’s a medium hand, so show that by jumping a level. Partner holds (the same) 6 points, so the bidding here would be: 1♥ p 1♠ p 3♥ p p p 

Hand 3. You: ♠82 ♥AQJ1097♦AKJ♣K4  Partner: ♠KJ105 ♥42 ♦Q852 ♣863

You hand now contains even another king, bringing it to 20 points. This is a maximum hand, so jump straight to game. Partner holds (the same) 6 points, so the bidding here would be: 1♥ p 1♠ p 4♥ p p  

Opener also shows the shape of the hand with their second bid
There are four possible hand shapes:

1. Single-suited (six+ cards of one suit) ♠AKJ1063 ♥A75 ♦4 ♣832. Open 1♠, and over responder's bid, rebid 2♠.

2. Two-suited (five+ cards of one suit, and four+ cards of another) ♠AKJ106 ♥A7532 ♦4 ♣83. Open 1♠ and over responder's bid, show your second suit, hearts, by bidding 2♥. 

3. A balanced hand (4333, 4432, 5332 shape), with fewer than 15 points.♠AKJ10 ♥A75 ♦542 ♣Q83. Open 1♣, and over partner's response (if at the one level), bid 1NT.

4. A hand with support for responder:: ♠AKJ10♥A75 ♦3 ♣QJ832. Open 1♣, and after responder's 1♠, raise to 2♠. 

When responder bids a new suit (e.g. 1♦p 1♥), the bidding becomes forcing, meaning that opener must find another bid, and keep the conversation alive, until they've found whether there’s a fit or not, and how high to go.

Hand 1. You: ♠43 ♥7 ♦AQJ9832 ♣A105  Partner: ♠Q85 ♥K864 ♦863 ♣K106

Open 1♦, partner responds 1♥, p, to you. Show your seven diamonds and minimum points by bidding 2♦.(1♦ p 1♥ p 2♦ p p p) 

Hand 2.You: ♠43 ♥7 ♦AQJ9832 ♣AK5  Partner: ♠Q85 ♥K864 ♦863 ♣K106

This hand is similar to the previous one, except that the extra king gives you 17 points, a medium-strength hand. Rebid 3♦ rather than 2♦ Partner will get the message when you jump.(1♦ p 1♥ p 3♦ p p p)

Hand 3. You: ♠AQ43 ♥7 ♦AQJ93 ♣1052  Partner: ♠Q85 ♥K864 ♦863 ♣K106

Bid your second suit at the one level (1♠) You don't like partner’s hearts, but you also have spades. Conversations where each partner shows their own suits might go on for some time looking for a fit. Sometimes there isn't one. (1♦ p 1♥ p 1♠ p 1NT p p p).

Hand 4. You: ♠43 ♥7 ♦AQJ93 ♣KQ1052  Partner: ♠Q85 ♥K864 ♦863 ♣K106

Open 1♦, higher-ranking of two five-card suits, and when responder bids 1♥, show your second suit. (1♦ p 1♥ p 2♣ p 2♦ p p p).

Hand 5. You: ♠A43 ♥72 ♦AQJ9 ♣Q1052  Partner: ♠Q85 ♥K864 ♦863 ♣K106

Open 1♦, and over partner's 1♥ response, bid 1NT. Tell partner you have a balanced hand. This describes your shape.(1♦ p 1♥ p 1NT p p p).

Hand 6. You: ♠J764 ♥A4 ♦AKJ42 ♣95  Partner: ♠Q85 ♥K864 ♦863 ♣K106

Open 1♦, and over partner's 1♠ response, bid 2♠. Partner will have at least four spades and will decide whether to stop in a partscore, or go to game. (1♦ p 1♥ p 1♠ p 1NT p p p).

Hand 7. You: ♠A764 ♥A4 ♦AKJ42 ♣95  Partner: ♠Q852 ♥K86 ♦863 ♣K106

You now have 16 high card points, and 1 point for each doubleton (after partner responds 1♠), making the total 18. Bid 3♠, telling partner you have a medium strength hand. (1♦ p 1♠ p 3♠ p 4♠ p p p).

Hand 8. You: ♠A764 ♥A4 ♦AKJ1042 ♣9  Partner: ♠Q852 ♥K86 ♦863 ♣K106

With shortages, your hand is worth 20 points. Describe the maximum strength by jumping to game, 4 ♠, (1♦ p 1♠ p 4♠ p p p).

Responder raises your suit to the two-level.
When the bidding has gone 1♥ p 2♥, you, opener, need to be more specific. Pass with minimum, invite game with medium, and go straight to game with maximum points. 

You: ♠32 ♥AQ842 ♦Q7 ♣KJ32  Partner: ♠Q85 ♥K963 ♦863 ♣Q106 (1♥ p 2♥ p p p).

You: ♠32 ♥AKQ842 ♦KQ ♣KJ3  Partner: ♠Q85 ♥K963 ♦863 ♣Q106 (1♥ p 2♥ p 4♥ p p p).

So, In general...

• With minimum values, opener rebids as economically as
possible. Move cautiously up the bidding levels, or pass if
responder has made an invitational bid
• With medium values, opener jumps a level
• With maximum values, go straight to game
Opener must pay attention to the message responder is giving.