Simplify the End Play 2

Here’s a hand from an End Plays workshop, based on Audrey Grant’s book, Improve Your Declarer Play: Simplify the End Play.

You’re in 6NT, and the lead is ♦J. Play it, and see if you can endplay one of your opponents to help you make it.

AKT.AQ32.753.KJ7 QJ96.54.AKQ2.AQ5 72.JT96.86.T8432 8543.K87.JT94.96

Counting your sure winners you have eleven: four in spades, one in hearts, three in diamonds, and three in clubs. You need to find the twelfth. It might seem tempting to take the heart finesse, but try playing all your winners (except for the ♥A) first, and then throw East in with the ♦2. Bingo, they have to lead the heart suit for you, into your ♥A and ♥Q.