How to play hands online


Watch the video for a walk through guide to playing hands online. 

When playing, you are always seated south.

Underneath your hand is a bidding bar. To bid, highlight the bid you want to make and move the arrow until the bid is in the red square. Then click to select that bid.
If you would like a hint with your bid, click the question mark during the bidding. 

As you are playing or defending the hand, the number of tricks for both sides will appear at the top of the game screen.
The robots you play sometimes play perfectly and sometimes can be quite unpredictable - much like a real life partner.

To review the bidding, or redeal the hand click on the Menu option in the top right hand corner. You can replay a hand any number of times. You can also play it from East, North or West as well as South.

After a random hand is over, you'll see the scores at the bottom. Click All Scores to see what everyone else did on that hand.

Review Lesson Hands
For all lesson hands, play them through yourself and then watch the walkthrough the video hand. You can't undo, or claim so it is better to replay the whole hand if you make a mistake.