Welcome to Joan Butts Online School of Bridge

This website is a place to learn, practise and develop new skills you can use at the bridge table. This course has been specially designed to help you improve and calls on my many years of experience as a bridge teacher. 

As an Online School of Bridge member you will be able to complete a new bridge lesson each week, as well as access a full library of past lessons, and play unlimited hands of bridge to put your new skills to the test. 

If you are a beginner player, start with the Beginner Lessons. These are four lessons to help you learn the foundations of bridge. Each Beginner Lesson contains four hands for you to play and practise your skills. These lessons are also available for more experienced players who may want to refresh their knowledge. 

Each Thursday morning, a new lesson will become available to Gold Members. You will be able to watch the videos, read the tips, play the specially designed lesson hands, find additional resources and sometimes complete a quiz to test your knowledge. If you have any questions, you can leave a comment at the bottom of the page for me.  

Once you have completed the latest lesson, you can practise your skills by playing the Unlimited Random Hands. Each month we also publish a Challenge Hand for you to test out what you have learned. 

Thanks for joining the Online School of Bridge! If you have any questions or suggestions, please don't hesitate to get in touch!