Inferences: Clues from Partner's Lead Part 2

Players love to lead an Ace if they hold AK in a suit. It seems the safest thing to do. Almost the same (though not so safe) is to lead the K from KQ, to promote a trick early.
So when you’re putting together a picture of what’s in partner’s hand from what they lead, assume this. So, it follows that if partner doesn’t lead one of these combinations of cards in a suit that hasn’t been bid, it’s because they don’t have that.


  • Partner will tend to lead their best suit, even if they didn’t make a bid

  • The most popular lead is A from AK any time that person is on lead

  • KQ in an unseen suit is a popular lead too, as it will promote a trick later

  • So, when partner leads another suit, and dummy comes down with, say, three little cards in that suit, assume partner doesn’t have the two top honours (AK)

  • Either the top two honours (AK) in that suit will be divided or declarer will hold them both

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