Revisiting Major Raises: Single Raises


  • Responder is in an important position when deciding to make a single raise of opener’s bid of 1♥️ or 1♠️

  • Responder will hold three or four trumps, and opener needs a very strong hand (17 at least) to bid further, to game

  • If the opponents enter the auction to try to push us out of our comfortable partscore, (1♥️/♠️ p 2♥️/♠️), bid one more if you hold six trumps, but not with only five

  • So, if partner has four, they will bid one more if you can’t…3♥️/♠️

  • Going to 3♥️/♠️ is not asking the other partner to bid game

  • If opener wants to try for game, they will make a bid in a new suit (called a game try) eg 1♥️ p 2♥️ p 3♦️

  • This asks responder to focus on diamonds, and to bid 4♥️ with “something” in diamonds, and to bid only 3♥️ with nothing good in diamonds

Lesson Hands

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