Revisiting Major Raises: Limit Raises

A limit raise by responder to a 1♥️ or 1♠️ opening by partner should make opener very keen to bid game. Responder is showing four trumps, and 11 - 12 points (including shortages) and couldn’t quite bid game themselves. But they would really like opener to, if possible.


  • To make a limit raise, try to have some shortage, even a doubleton, to allow partner to gain extra tricks by trumping

  • A 10 point hand is not always good enough to make a jump, even with four trumps (eg 4-3-3-3, 10 high card points, not worth a limit raise, better to make a single raise)

  • Four trumps with shortage will allow declarer to trump losers from their hand

  • A limit raise asks opener to bid game with not much more than a minimum

Lesson Hands

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