Opener's Rebids: Part 1


Lesson Notes

Single-Suited & Two-Suited Hands

You've opened and partner has responded. Now the bidding comes back to you. It's your chance to really show partner the shape and  strength of your hand in more detail. Opener's rebid partly depends on whether responder has made a forcing (change of suit) or non-forcing (raise of opener's suit or bid of 1NT) response.

Opener's Strength: 

  • Minimum (13-15 points)

  • Medium (16-18 points)

  • Maximum (19-20 points)

Opener's Shape: 

  • single-suited: six + cards of the same suit

  • two-suited: five+ cards of one suit and four+ cards of another

When Responder makes a forcing bid
Any response in a new suit by an unpassed hand is forcing (meaning that opener must bid again). At the one level, it shows 6+ points (e.g.1♣ p 1♥), and at the two level (e.g.1♥ p 2♣), a much better hand. It shows an opening hand if playing Two Over One Game Force.
Hands without a fit for responder (
e.g. 1♣ p 1♥ p to you)

  • Single-suited, rebid your long suit at the appropriate level (minimum 13-15, medium 16-18, maximum 19-20) e.g 1♥ p 1♠ p 2♥/3♥/4♥.

  • Two-suited, bid your second suit, at the next level if minimum or medium (13-15 or 16-18) e.g. NB: 1♥ p 1♠ p 2♣/2♦ shows 13 - 18 points. Jumping in the second suit shows a maximum hand (19-20) e.g. 1♥ p 1♠ p 3♣/3♦. (This is called a Jump Shift, and is done with unbalanced hands, at least five of the first suit and at least four of the second suit.)

When Responder makes a non forcing (limit) bid
If responder raises opener's first suit (e.g. 1♥ p 2♥) opener will:

  • pass with minimum (13-15)

  • raise one level with medium (16-18), or make a game try

  • jump to game with maximum (19-20)

After a 1NT Response (6-9 and no fit for opener's first suit) then opener will: NB: if playing 2/1 style, a 1NT response to 1♥/♠ opening will show 6-10 or 11 - 12.

  • rebid own suit with a single-suiter (6+ cards)

  • bid a second suit with 5/4, 5+/5+ shape


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