Opener's Rebids: Part 2

Here is a link to a longer video on Opener's Second Bid. 


Opener's Rebids:

(a) Balanced Opening Hands (without a fit for responder's first bid)

At the second round of the bidding, it’s time to describe strength and shape in more detail so both opener and responder can make the best decision about the final contract.  Opener's rebid depends on whether responder has made a forcing or non-forcing response. In general, opener shows the strength of their hand, and when balanced (4-3-3-3. 4-4-3-2 or 5-3-3-2), the rebid will be in no trumps. 

  • Minimum (13-14 points) This is a limit bid, and may be passed by responder. (1♣ p 1♥ p 1NT)

  • Medium (15-17 points) NB: With this hand, you would have started the bidding with 1NT.

  • Maximum (18, 19 points) Although a strong hand, this is a limit bid, and may be passed by responder. (1♣ p 1♥ p 2NT)

(b) Hands with a Fit for Responder

  • Minimum (13-15) raise to the next level. (1♥ p 1♠ p 2♠). Responder will know whether to stop in partscore or go to game.

  • Medium (16-18) jump a level. (1♥ p 1♠ p 3♠). Responder decides whether to bid game.

  • Maximum (19-20) jump to game. (1♥ p 1♠ p 4♠).

After a 1NT Response (6-9 and no fit for opener's first suit) opener will now:

  • pass with a balanced minimum

  • rebid 2NT or 3NT with 18-19 points balanced


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