Responder's Rebids



Responder's Rebids

Enough information has now been exchanged to make a decision. Opener's second bid has revealed their shape and points in more detail. Add opener’s points to yours. If the total is: 

  • Fewer than 25, play a partscore

  • 25+ go to game, either in a suit or no trumps

Responder’s point ranges are

  • Minimum: 6-10 points

  • Medium: 11-12 points

  • Maximum: 13+ points

(1) Responder is Minimum: 6 – 10 points.

When opener shows a minimum hand and responder has 6 -10 points, it’s time to be cautious.  Don’t introduce another suit. Instead, choose one of the suits that have already been mentioned, or settle for a partscore of 1NT.

 (2) Medium: 11 – 12 points.

Suppose opener shows a minimum hand of 13-15 points, and responder has 11-12 points. There might not be enough combined strength for the game level if opener is at the very bottom of the range (13). On the other hand, if opener has 14 or 15 points, the partnership will have the 25 points needed to go for the game bonus. 

So, with 11 - 12 points, responder will invite game without quite getting there. This asks opener to carry on to game with a maximum (ie 15) or pass with a minimum. 

If opener shows a medium or maximum hand when responder has 11-12 points, the partnership should always get to at least game. The partnership has more than the 25 combined points needed for game.                                                                                                                                                                 

(3) Maximum: 13+ points.

Now there's no stopping in partscore. The combined partnership strength is at least 26 points (13 + 13), and responder should be targeting the best game.  

As responder, listen carefully to the bidding. You can usually tell by the sound of the auction whether opener's hand is minimum, medium, or maximum.


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