Responder Shows Shape



Responder Shows Shape

One of the good things about being in a game-forcing auction is that responder’s next bid is still forcing, so you're able to bid slowly and carefully to further describe your hand.

Responder will show one of these hand types:

  • Single-suited, bid own suit again. Good six+ card suit., e.g.♠K53 ♥10 ♦QJ6 ♣AKJ1085 (1♥- p - 2♣- p - 2♥- p - 3♣)

  • Balanced, no fit for opener, stoppers in unbid suits, bid no trumps. eg ♠K105 ♥105 ♦A109 ♣AQJ96:(1♥-p-2♣- p-2♥-p-2NT)

  • A fit for opener, raise opener. Shows three card support eg.♠106 ♥Q95 ♦A76 ♣KQJ86: (1♥- p - 2♣- p - 2♥- p - 3♥


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