Revision: Opener's Rebid: 1


For revision and reinforcement, go through the earlier lesson on Opener’s Rebids (here).

Tips for Opener’s Rebids with Single-Suited Hands

  • All new suits (change of suit) by responder are forcing, meaning opener should bid again (1♣ p 1♠)

  • Opener rebids their six-card suit to show a single-suiter (1♥ p 1♠/1NT p 2♥)

  • Opener also now shows their strength (minimum, medium or maximum) (e.g. 1♥ p 1♠ p 3♥ is medium strength)

  • Shortage points are not relevant yet, as a fit has not been found (count high card and length points only)

  • If responder bids their own suit at the one-level, they will have 6 or more points (1♦ p 1♠)

  • if responder bids their own suit at the two-level, they will have a much better hand (opening strength if 2/1) (1♥ p 2♣/♦)

  • If responder bids 1NT, this is not actually forcing but opener should try to show their shape and point range (1♥ p 1NT p 2♣)

Tips for Opener’s Rebids with Two-Suited Hands

  • Opener shows at least five cards in the first suit, and at least four cards in the second (1♥ p 1♠ p 2♣). Not absolutely forcing, but responder tries to bid again

  • If opener is 5-5 they will open the higher-ranked suit first, and then bid and rebid the lower-ranked suit (1♥ p 1♠ p 2♣ p 2♠ p 3♣)

  • Opener shows 13 -18 points when they bid their second suit (i.e. minimum and medium hands) (1♥ p 1♠ p 2♣)

  • If opener jumps a level and also bids a new suit (called a Jump Shift) they show maximum points (1♥ p 1♠ p 3♣)

  • If opener is 6-5, open the longer suit, and then bid and REBID the second suit (1♣ p 1♥ p 1♠ p 2♥ p 2♠). This will show six clubs and five spades.

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