The Next Step: Overcalls & Responses

Quick Tips

• Overcalls will always contain suits of at least five cards, whether a major or a minor e.g. ♠ AKJ107

• One-level overcalls should be made aggressively on 8+ points e.g. Overcall 1♠ after a 1♣ opening with as little as ♠ AKJ107 ♥ 1086 ♦ 9 ♣ 8765

• Two-level overcalls require a better hand (opening points) e.g. Overcall 2♦ over a 1♥ or 1♠ opening with a hand as good as this: ♠ KQ8 ♥ 1086 ♦ AKJ1074 ♣ 8

  • Overcalling 1NT shows a hand that would have opened 1NT (15 - 17/18) and a “stopper” in the suit opened.

• Responding is based on the fit rather than points (the bigger the fit, the more you should bid)

• Jump raising partner in competitive auctions shows a weak hand, but with four or more cards in partner’s overcalled suit

• To show a good hand with a fit, use the cue raise e.g. 1♣ (overcall by partner of 1♥) P 2♣ = good raise for partner at least three trumps and 10+ high card points

• Change of suit over an overcall doesn’t have to be forcing but shows a suit of a quality similar to the overcall. (Discuss with your partner which you’d prefer to play; forcing or non forcing)

• More points are needed to overcall when your side is vulnerable than when not vulnerable

Below are some videos from an earlier lesson if you would like to do more revision on Overcalls.

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