The Next Step: Overcalls over the Opponents' 1NT

Quick Tips

When deciding whether to overcall an opponent’s 1NT opening, remember

• On hand shapes like 5-3-3-2’s, it may be better to pass and defend 1NT

• You need a bid to show single-suiters (6 + cards)

• You need a bid to show both-majors (5-5, occasionally 5-4 shape)

• You need a bid to show other two-suited hands (5-5, occasionally 5-4 shape)

• A penalty double over the opponent’s 1NT shows a hand in the upper range of the 1NT opening and is best made when you have a suit of your own and you’re on lead

• Aim for partscores rather than games when partner bids over their 1NT

• Suit length requirements may be relaxed in the balancing seat

• Two-suited hands are better declaring (one of your suits) than defending

  • Cappelletti is one of many conventions which may be used over the opponent’s 1NT opening - if not Cappelletti, choose another of them!

Here’s a video from an earlier lesson if you would like to do more revision on Overcalls over the Opponent’s 1NT.


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