The Next Step: Preemptive Overcalls

Quick Tips

  • For an overcall to be called “preemptive”, your hand must be weak, not strong (6 - 9 high card points)

  • To show a weak hand like this, you must jump at least one level in the bidding

  • The number of levels you jump to is not related to points, but depends on the number of cards in your suit

  • The higher you jump, the more cards you show in that suit

  • Your long suit must contain some top honours

  • The vulnerability makes a big difference as to whether you enter the bidding at all with a weak hand

  • When your side is vulnerable and the other side is not, you need a very strong suit to jump a level or more of the bidding

  • Partner doesn’t need points to raise you; cards in your suit are more important

  • The more trumps partner holds, the more powerful your hands will be if you play in your trump suit

  • Hands with big fits will declare better than they will defend

  • You don’t always expect to make your contract, but you’re usually in a win-win situation anyway

  • If your side doesn’t make, the other side could have made their own contract (so don’t worry!)


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