The Next Step: Takeout Doubles

Quick Tips

• At least one opponent must have opened the bidding for you to be able to double. You can’t start the bidding with “double”.

  • A double normally shows an opening hand (13+) without a long suit

  • Shortage in the opener’s suit is necessary with minimum points for making a double

• Any shortage in the opponent’s suit may be valued along with high card points when deciding to double

• This shortage will be good for suit contracts but not so good for no trumps

• The more points, the less is the shape requirement for making a take-out double

• Most low-level doubles are meant to be taken out

• Easiest way to tell the difference between take-out and penalty doubles is whether partner has bid earlier in the auction

• Doubles are for take-out when the opponents have found a fit

• Be careful of doubling after a 1NT response because the other side does not have a fit


Test your knowledge

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