The Next Step: Doubles Over Preempts

Quick Tips

  • A preemptive bid (an opening by an opponent at a high level) has likely pushed the bidding a few levels higher than your comfort zone

  • The higher the preempt, the stronger you need to be when doubling, because you’re forcing your partner to bid at a high level

  • Doubling in the direct seat means bidding immediately over the preempt

  • Doubling in the balancing seat means bidding in the last seat after the bidding has gone: preempt, pass, pass to you

  • You need a stronger hand to bid in the direct seat than in the balancing seat

  • Expect partner to have up to eight points when you double over a preempt

  • If partner has more than 8 points, they will jump a level (if that is available)

  • Double over a minor preempt promises at least 4-3 in the majors, hopefully 4-4

Here are two videos from earlier lessons if you would like to do more revision on Doubles over Preempts.

Test your knowledge

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