The Next Step: Cue Bidding to Slam

Quick Tips

  • Cue bidding is an effective way to check for controls when deciding whether to bid slam or not

  • Cue bidding shows which controls the partnership holds, not simply how many (Blackwood)

  • Cue bidding occurs when a fit has been clearly agreed and you’re in at least a game force

  • First round controls are aces and/or voids

  • Second round controls are kings and/or singletons

  • It’s more effective to show first and second round controls together (easier)

  • Cue bidding starts with the lowest-ranked control, and continues upwards

  • Any step missed means no control of that suit

  • Don’t cue bid controls in trumps; bidding the trump suit is the way to stop the cue-bidding process

  • Use Blackwood to find out about controls in the trump suit

  • Cue bidding and Blackwood work very well together

Here’s a video from an earlier lesson if you would like to do more revision on Cue Bidding to Slam.


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